his presentation of Genizah manuscripts has been kindly prepared by Professor Stefan Reif, Founder/Director of the Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit, Project Consultant at Cambridge University Library and Senior academic consultant to FGP
ible Readings
T-S A42.2, folio 4v
alendar Controversy
T-S 13K2
osher Cheese
T-S 10J6.14
almud Yerushalmi
T-S F17.20
en Sira
ayment Order
T-S 30.184
oems by Dunash and his wife
T-S NS 143.46
addish Prayer
T-S 6H6.6, folio 4
ecommendation by Maimonides
T-S 12.192
arriage Conditions
T-S 20.160
he Damascus Document
or Zadokite Fragment
T-S 10K6, col. X
ife's Complaint
T-S 13J21.10

Image: Interior, detail of traditional decoration, Ben Ezra Synagogue; Pare, Richard/Aga Khan Trust fir Culture