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Ginzei Qedem

Ginzei Qedem is a research annual initiated by FGP in 2004/2005, dedicated to the publication of research on genizah studies. Its purpose is to supply a unique platform for research articles on this topic. GQ features articles of young researchers as well as veteran scholars.

GQ publishes literary fragments and documents from the Cairo and other genizahs worldwide, including research based on these sources.

The published articles discuss all relevant topics, such as the study of Biblical texts and commentaries, history, literature, liturgy, Talmud and rabbinic literature, theology, philosophy, language, sciences, medicine and magic.

Articles are submitted in Hebrew or European languages such as French and German. Copies may be ordered from: or or via fax 972-2-5398838.

The Cambridge Catalogues & Bibliographies

Over the years, members of the Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit produced catalogues of the Cairo Genizah collections. These catalogues, the first of which was published in 1978, contained descriptions of shelfmarks relating to a particular subject such as Hebrew Bible manuscripts in the Cambridge Genizah Collections, Palestinian vocalised Piyyut manuscripts in the Cambridge Genizah Collections and so forth.

In 1999, FGP began sponsoring the publication of Cambridge genizah publications, the first of which appeared in 2003. In addition, FGP sponsored the bibliographies of published material from the Cambridge Collection.

The information contained in pre-FGP era catalogues was converted by FGP into computer text, while new publications are uploaded directly onto the website, thus enabling researchers to conduct computer searches.

Publications Sponsored by FGP

FGP sponsors the publication of works produced by scholars researching different disciplines of Cairo Genizah studies. Among these studies are those of the FGP research teams.



Cambridge Genizah Series
Davis/Outhwaite III
Hebrew Bible Manuscripts in the Cambridge Genizah Collections: Vol. 3: Taylor-Schechter Additional Series 1--31 Davis, Malcolm C., Outhwaite, Ben 7,337 2003
Cambridge Genizah Series
Davis/Outhwaite IV
Hebrew Bible Manuscripts in the Cambridge Genizah Collections: Vol. 4:Taylor-Schechter Additional Series 32-225, with Addenda to previous volumes. Davis, Malcolm C., Outhwaite, Ben 7,408 2003
Cambridge Genizah Series 13
Jefferson II
Published Material From The Cambridge Genizah Collections, A Bibliography 1980 - 1997 Jefferson,
Rebecca J. W., Hunter, Erica C. D.
26,183 2004
Cambridge Genizah Series 14
Arabic and Judaeo-Arabic Manuscripts in the Cambridge Genizah Collections:
Taylor- Schechter New Series
Shivtiel, Avihai, Friedrich, Niessen 9,341 2006
Cambridge Genizah Series 15
Jefferson III
Published Material From The Cambridge Genizah Collections, A Bibliography 1998-2003 Jefferson,
Rebecca J. W.
Mila Ginsburskaya
35,837 2007
Cambridge Genizah Series Hebrew and Aramaic documentary material Bhayro, Outhwaite,
3,000-3,500 2010
Cambridge Genizah Series Judaeo-Arabic material in the Additional Series Niessen, Wagner 8,000-10,000 2010
Cambridge Genizah Series
Jefferson IV
Published Material From The Cambridge Genizah Collections, A Bibliography 2004-2008 Jefferson,
Rebecca J. W.
25,000 2010
Seride Teshuvot Responsa Fragments from the Cairo Genizah Collection of the Cambridge University Libraies. Shmuel Glick 850-1,000 2012
Cambridge Genizah Studies Catalogue of Magic, Divination and Related Manuscripts from the Cambridge Genizah Collections Gideon Bohak 1600-2000 To Appear



Bais Vaad Researching Jewish Manuscripts Yoel Katan and Eliyahu Soloveitchik 2004
The Genizah Fragments of the Halakhic Midrashim Reconstruction from all Collections of "Lost" Halakhic Midrashim Professor Menahem I. Kahana 2005
The Compassionate and Benevolent The Leading Elite in the Jewish Community of Alexandria in the Middle Ages Dr. Miriam Frenkel 2006
The Jewish Library in the Middle Ages Book Lists from the Cairo Genizah Professor Nehemya Allony 2006
Kitab al-Talaq

Laws of Divorce
By Samuel ben Hofni Gaon

Edited and Translated
By Y. Zvi Stampfer
Sifrei Numbers 4-12 Reconstruction of Sifrei Numbers and Detailed Commentary on chapters 4-12 Professor Menahem I. Kahana 2011
Thesaurus of Talmudic Manuscripts Comprises all the Extant Manuscripts. Professor Jacob Sussmann 2012
Judeo-Persian Genizah Documents Five volumes containing, transcriptions, translations and commentaries of the entire Judeo-Persian corpus found in the Genizah Professor Shaul Shaked
co-authored with Dr. Thamar E. Gindin
[est. 2012]
The Word fitly Spoken Studies in Mediaeval Exegesis of the Hebrew Bible and the Qur’an Presented to Professor Haggai Ben-Shammai by the Ben Zvi Institute


Mishpetei Shevu'ot Laws of Oaths by Sherira ben Hanina Gaon This is an important book from the legacy of the late Prof. Shraga Abramson. Prof. Robert Brody edited the text and wrote introductory materials. The Judeo-Arabic text was prepared by David Sklare.


Kitab al-Shara’ic Sefer Ha-Mitzvot by Saadya Gaon Transcription of the Judeo-Arabic text and Hebrew translation by Mr. Nissim Sabato. Hebrew commentary by Rav Hayyim Sabato.

[est. 2012]

Seder Olam A Critical Edition, Introduction and Commentary by Professor H. Milikowsky.


Kitab al-Hawi The Comprehensive Book of Halakhah by David ben Saadya al-Ger (eleventh-century Spanish author) Edited, translated and annotated by David Sklare, Nissim Sabato, Y. Zvi Stampfer, and Eli Reif.

[est. 2013]

Al-Madkhal ila cIlm al-Mishnah wal-Talmud Introduction to the Study of the Mishnah and the Talmud by Samuel ben Hofni Gaon Edited, translated and annotated by David Sklare, Nissim Sabato, Y. Zvi Stampfer, and Uziel Fuchs.

[est. 2015]

Kitāb Al-Nutaf Ali ben Sulaymān's Version of R. Yehudah Hayyūj's Philological Commentary to the Prophets Professor Aharon Maman
co-authored with Mr. Efraim Ben-Porat
Saadya Gaon's Emunot ve-De`ot A critical edition based on the edition prepared by Henry Malter Professor Haggai Ben-Shammai To Appear