The Friedberg Genizah Project

Talmud Kodashim, Menahot (CUL)


FGP provides funding for research studies on many of the myriad topics found in the Genizah. This research work is conducted by teams of academics led by world-renowned experts in the field.                                  Read more

Conducted by teams working either directly for FGP, or for universities with which FGP holds agreements, the study identifies, catalogs, transcribes, translates, researches and amasses bibliographical data on the Genizah manuscripts.

FGP retains the rights to the teams' research material, and then makes it available online or in print to the academic world.

FGP funds only unique research studies. It does not promote research of materials that have been transcribed and elucidated by scholars in the past.


Image: Talmud Kodashim, Menahot; Cambridge University Library T-S F2(1).132