The Friedberg Genizah Project

Professor Stefan Reif

BA, PhD (London), MA LittD (Cambridge)
Founder/Director, Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit
Project Consultant at Cambridge University Library

EDUCATION Born 2l January l944; schooling in Edinburgh leading to matriculation in l960 with certificates in English, Latin, History, Greek, French and Mathematics, and the GCE of the University of London in l96l with A level certificates in English Literature and Classical Hebrew.

Obtained the Intermediate Certificate for Hebrew Teachers of the Central Examining Board (auspices of Jews’ College), with distinction in l96l. University of London l96l–64 (Jews’ College), leading to BA with first class honours in Hebrew and Aramaic. University of London (Jews’ College and University College) l964–68, postgraduate research leading to the award of the PhD (l969) for a dissertation on a Hebrew liturgical MS from the late mediaeval period (pp. 619). Rabbinical studies at Jews’ College, 1960–68; various College awards and prizes. Holder of the William Lincoln Shelley Studentship of the University of London, l967–68. MA (l976) and LittD (2002) of the University of Cambridge.

EXPERIENCE Lecturer in the Department of Hebrew & Semitic Languages at the University of Glasgow, l968–72; Academic Dean and Assistant Professor of Hebrew Language and Literature at Dropsie College, Philadelphia, l972–73; Visiting Scholar at the Hebrew University and the Oxford Centre for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies, l979; External Examiner for Jews’ College l976–78, 1987–88; External Examiner for Glasgow University, l979–82; Lady Davis Visiting Professor at Hebrew University, 1989 and Visiting (Professorial) Fellow at its Institute for Advanced Studies, 1996–97; Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Pennsylvania, 2001; Visiting Scholar at George Washington University, 2004; Holder of various British Academy research awards, 1978–94.

CURRENTLY Founder Director of the Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit, and Project Consultant, Cambridge University Library; Emeritus Professor of Medieval Hebrew Studies, University of Cambridge; Fellow of St John’s College Cambridge; Elector for the Tyrwhitt Hebrew Scholarship and the Mason Hebrew Prize; Senior Academic Consultant, Friedberg Genizah Project; External Examiner/Assessor for various academic bodies.

SOCIETIES ETC. Fellow, Royal Asiatic Society; Council, Jewish Historical Society of England (president, 1991–92); Society for Old Testament Study (committee, 1985–89); Cambridge Theological Society (president, 2002–04); Hebraica Libraries’ Group (founder convener, l98l–84); British Association for Jewish Studies (president, 1992); Chairman, National Council on Orientalist Library Resources, 2004-5; ISDCL (International Advisory Committee); Honorary Fellow, Mekize Nirdamim Society for the Publication of Ancient Hebrew Manuscripts, Jerusalem; Society of Biblical Literature; World Union of Jewish Studies; American/European Associations for Jewish Studies; Society for Jewish Study etc.

PUBLICATIONS 296 items by November, 2006.

RESEARCH Hebrew liturgy; Genizah research; mediaeval Hebrew Bible commentary; historical development of Hebrew studies at Cambridge.